What’s Happening? It’s Been a Year

My last post was about a year ago.  last week I noticed that about 300 folks became subscribers.  Seems strange — no posts and then a bunch of new subscribers.  Maybe someone at GoDaddy (hosts my site) got some wires crossed?  I’ll check it out.

But meanwhile, if this email is a surprise, you might want to check some of these posts out.  I just reread them all and fixed a few typos.  What I said a year ago still holds.  If anything, things are moving more quickly.  As a wise man once said, “Ride the horse in the direction it’s going!”

The latest laugher is that by 2040 (but what month?) AI (That’s Artificial Intelligence) will surpass humans.  Result: wipe out humanity!.  Like who needs folks?

What to do?  (I bet you guessed)

Create a government bureaucracy of VESP’s (Very Elite Smart People) to create laws that will keep it from happening.  Just peel off a few greenbacks (or Bitcoins) send them in and all will be well.  Not to worry, because VESP’s have a learned and practiced skill of spending other folks money for TGG (The Greater Good).  Right.  How about we form a joint venture & make some T-shirts that say, “Elect Me to Save You — from the ROBOTS”  Could be a winner.

Whatever, as my grandkids say.  The point is that AI and robotics are getting more sophisticated, can do more things, and will be able to greatly benefit us all — more jobs, greater choices, make prosthetics work better, etc.

Should the government control things?  Your call on that.  Not for me, I just think that any congressman, cabinet member, or anyone in government (either side of the aisle) has no clue about, or how to regulate such a diverse and quickly changing market.

Neve mind.  To play effectively in this world, you better know about robots, and particularly computer programming.  How much?  Tough call.  Depends.  Want to “play” an instrument or just “listen”.   Still good to know that the skinny black tube with some wood on the end is a clarinet — even if you can’t play it.

My assumption is that your kids haven’t chosen their life’s work yet, (you have, right?) so how about they learn the basics correctly so they can better figure out how they want to interface with this rapidly changing world.

I had lunch last week with a smart college senior with a dual major in physics and economics.  His big problem is, “Which of all of these neat opportunities, do I take when I get out in June?”   Basically, I told him it didn’t matter as long as it looked interesting, because in a few years the world will change and he’ll be facing the same decision again — but with more experience and maturity.  And he’ll be, what, 25 years old!

Opportunities abound.  Glass half full, or half empty?  Be a doer or a taker?

Hope you stick around for my “restart”.

I’m planning on weekly or semi weekly posts, along with some freebie course materials.  If that’s too annoying for you, I’m sure that you can “unsubscribe” from my blog.



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