Test: 2APR (not a joke)

Trying to not load up your (follower) emails with a full post — also noted that the video links do not come through.  I have turned on the “summary” switch instead of  “full posts”  But I have no control of how much text is in the summary.

Some random musings.

I’m amazed at the ability of the media pundits to mind read.  I know that there is a lot of ESP type research going on at universities.

They should dump all of that and just study the media folks.  “What was X thinking?”  Where X is almost anyone in the news.  There are no shortage of answers to that question.


I’m amazed a how they know what X was (is?) actually thinking.  Maybe just hanging around with those folks does it.  Osmosis sort of thing.

Another:  What do you think the time over/under (after you turn it on) for any newscast is before the word “poll” gets mentioned?

I’m guessing 10 seconds.


Just checked the test out.  Seems to work fine.

back to work on some videos.

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