Looking Ahead, (with 50 some Years Experience) — Why I’m starting SuperSOLVRS

Here’s the future as I see it.  (Think cell phones.  Started in 1973 and now more cell phones than people.  Uses no one ever imagined.) 1.  Technology will be even more encompassing and invasive. 2.  Robots (e.g., machines) will take over many jobs, starting with the most routine procedural. 3.  There will be an increasing […]

Graphic Languages vs Text — Changing my Mind?

Maybe not exactly changing, but thinking things through. (Sounding like a politician?)  Whatever, here’s my latest thinking: Background: Graphical languages:  Think Scratch  (desk & laptops)  Hopscotch or Scratch Jr.  (tablets) — but LOTS of others. Text Languages:   Think Python, Java, JavaScript, C, C++, C#, agin LOTS of others. I’ll use Scratch and Python as […]