Programming Languages (High Level)

Here, I’m talking about high level languages — not “machine languages” (binary numbers that interact directly with a computer) or even “assembly languages” (one-step removed, with mnemonics replacing the actual numbers.) Dealing with the low level languages is somewhat like reading those legal notices in the newspaper.  Doable, but who has the time and/or the ability […]

3rd Post: Computer Programming — Different for Robots (2of2)

Almost all of the programming taught involves two-dimensions.  The simulated sensor inputs, collision of objects, etc.  can be complex, but it’s trivial compared to actual happenings in the real (3D) world. Dealing with a moving robot, even just avoiding only stationary objects,  is very difficult, especially if the third dimension is relevant.  (Much easier if the […]

2nd Post: Computer Programming — Different for Robots (1of2)

If you search for “learn computer programming” you’ll get about 124 million hits.  If you add “for kids” to the search it reduces to 23 million.  My point is that there is no shortage of tutorials & methods available to learn any of the several thousand computer languages. All of them (that I found — didn’t […]

1st Post: Get ready! The revolution is coming fast

How will it play out?  My crystal ball is broken, so I can’t say — but we (and our kids) can learn enough basic things so that we can be ready for “whatever”. In one sense, robots of any type will create opportunities for activities such as sales, marketing, financing, etc. — that’s no different […]